KIPI 2010

Call For Papers KIPI 2010

Thinking of Home while Away:
The Contribution of Indonesian Students Studying Overseas for Education in Indonesia
Melbourne, 16-18 July 2010

Education is one of key determinants for the success of a country’s long term development and its nation building. After more than six decades of its existence as an independent country, Indonesia has recorded many achievements on national education. Entering the 21 century, Indonesia embarked on two major transitions: from authoritarian to democratic polity and from centralized to decentralized system of governance. These changes have also impacted the educational sector in Indonesia, mainly from policy perspectives. Undeniably, the policy issue plays a critical role in shaping and reshaping the educational sector in the country. The conference invites contributions that highlight any of the multiple and central roles of educational policies and assess their impacts on the various aspects of educational sector.

Hosted by Victoria University, you are invited to think of Education in Indonesia under the theme Thinking of Home While Away: The Contribution of Indonesian Students Studying Overseas for Education in Indonesia. The Conference provides a forum for students, academicians, educational administrators, researchers, and policy makers to promote discussion and share practices and expertise on the educational policy and practices in Indonesia from both local, national and global perspective.

This conference is held with a wide-ranging participation and support. The main student organization, PPIA (Indonesian Student Association of Australia) – a forum of more than 18,000 Indonesian students in Australia – has been most actively involved in the preparation of this Conference. Through this event, Indonesian students in Australia and those studying overseas wish to present their work, thoughts, and hopes for a better Indonesia by focusing on Education – the backbone of a nation.

Keynote Speakers:
Muhammad Nuh (Minister of Education)

Closing Remark by Andi Mallarangeng (Minister of Youth & Sport)

Invited Speakers:
The Directorate General of Higher Education to the Minister for National Education
Prof. Ir. Sudjarwadi, M.Eng, PhD (Gadjah Mada University’s Rector)
Prof. Malik Fajar (Former Minister of National Education)
Associate Professor Richard Chauvel (Victoria University)
Petrarca Karteji (AusAID Consultant)
Ade Irawan (Indonesia Corruption Watch)
Emha Ainun Najib (Public Intellectual)
Prof. Tanya Fitzgerald (Educational Leadership, Management, and History of La Trobe University)

Submission of abstracts: March 1st (the latest)
Notification of acceptance: March 15th
*unsuccesful abstracts may be invited for poster presentation

Submission of full papers/posters: March 15th
Special Event: Culture Night and Opening Ceremony Friday, July 16th

KIPI 2010 will be held at Victoria University (Flinders St. Campus) in Melbourne, Australia on 16-18 July 2010.

For further details, visit website: http://www.kipi-

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